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People tell me that I have an artist's eye for everything that I do.   My belief, is that everyone has the ability to see the world from different perspectives - it is whether we choose to be open to translating what is seen into a different form.

If we are willing to experiment - and stay open to trying something new -  who knows what can result!


To spark conversation and inspire thoughts.

Manipulating colors & images to evoke memories.

Letting the true self shine brightly.

Allowing emotion to flow through the fingers into the medium.

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 My visual surroundings were always important to me.  When I was a kid, I would put on puppet shows with handmade characters on my backporch for the neighborhood kids.  (That's me in the blue shirt)  I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom furniture.  My parents always got hand-made cards for their birthdays.   When I went to college I majored in Advertising/PR, but I studied photography during a semester abroad in England and still now love capturing great images.  

My plan was to go into advertising after college as that was my degree, but that did not transition as I would have liked it to.  I had a hard time figuring out what direction to go in with a 'career'.   I took a few drawing classes at Parsons School of Design and a few painting classes in my spare time at Montclair Art Museum.   My best, most fulfilling art experiences, happened with experimenting.  I started playing around with faux finishing when I opened a home accessories shop in Montclair NJ.  I faux finished on EVERYTHING!  Walls, furniture, mantles - yep I was one of them.  And I loved working large - it felt so expressive.   Soon, something else captured my interest -  I started experimenting with broken dish mosaic.  My shop was filled with  custom mosaic pieces.  You could come in an order something to be made in whatever medium you wanted - tiles, dishes, colored stones, shells - whatever.

When I bought my first house, and that house needed landscaping,  I went off and got a certificate in horticulture from the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  I absolutely LOVED garden design and it turned out that other people needed someone to plant them a garden that they could enjoy too.  So, that's what I did.  I designed and installed gardens all over Northern NJ.   Big and small.  I felt such gratification with the finished results, especially after a few years of growth.  And of course, there were some mosaics slipped into the gardens.   Once again I was inspired by the world around to experiment with color, texture and shapes.

I am a painter of abstracts, still life and shore life and of course - the color, form and majesty of nature. 

 I am primarily a self-taught artist.  Much of my work is inspired by the time spent focused on form and composition in the garden setting.  When working in abstract, I stay curious to what can bubble up-allowing personal exploration to find form on the canvas. 

I am also a yoga teacher now and for me, painting is meditation in motion.  

My current  inspiration for painting has been the NJ  shore boardwalk.  There is no place like it anywhere and I just love visiting all of them.   Wildwood, Seaside, Point Pleasant, Ocean City and Asbury Park have some great ones.   I have fond memories of being a kid at my aunt's hotel just blocks off the Seaside Heights boardwalk in the late 60's and being free to roam the boardwalk as a kid completely unsupervised and playing the wheels, skeeball, water balloon races and taking in the smells of sausage sandwiches sizzling on the grill.   So now I'm working on some paintings of places like that.  

So stay curious! You never know what can develop...



CANTERBURY ARTY SHOW, Rumson NJ  (Juried) Exhibition and Sale - September 2015

BEAUREGARD GALLERY, Rumson NJ    Holiday Show - December 2016

TENTH MUSE GALLERY - Maplewood NJ   Ongoing Exhibit & Sale    August 2017 - February 2018​

CANTERBURY ART SHOW, Rumson NJ   Exhibition & Sale - September 2017

ART ALLIANCE MONMOUTH COUNTY, Red Bank NJ​   31ST Annual Juried Exhibition - April 2018

​​ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS ARTS COUNCIL,  Atlantic Highlands NJ   Juried Member Show - August 2018
GUILD OF CREATIVE ART, Shrewsbury NJ   26TH  Annual Open Juried Show - October 2018